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Today we are sitting down with the fabulous Ashley Siedentopf to talk about health and wellness. Ashley is a certified nutritionist and integrative nutrition health coach who lives and works in London. Her company , Asfab nutrition, is an online destination for healthy recipes, products, wellness, fitness and lifestyle tips. Asfab covers everything from tailor made cleanses, detox and slim down programs, private cooking and general health coaching. What sets Ashley aside from the many nutritionists in this field is not only the fact that she is truly devoted and passionate about health but its her bubbly personality that  draws you to her... Mrs Siedentopf does everything with a smile ! Her positivity mixed with her expertise make her the ultimate go to wellness guru.

Ashley has also recently started a cooking TV show and is currently consulting for the innovative beauty, skin and health clinic called Dermavita  in London (
Her secret to feeling and looking her best is a mixture of smart and healthy eating with a fitness based lifestyle. Its all about finding the right balance for you without depriving yourself from living ! Ashley and I both believe in the 80-20 rule where 80% of the time you maintain a clean and lean regime while 20% of the time you allow yourself to enjoy life !
She mainly specialises in weight loss, wellness , skin health , detox and digestion . But now lets take a closer look at the wonderful world of Ashfab Nutrition !

How did you become a certified nutritionist and health coach ?
After being diagnosed at a young age with Crohn’s disease and seeking advice form a Naturopath doctor, I managed to heal myself naturally through nutrition, with an insatiable appetite for holistic health, I decided to peruse my passion for nutrition  by studying nutrition at Institute of integrative nutrition, and further studies as a certified nutritionist at college of nutrition.
 What services / programs are you offering your clients ?
From one to one consultations, private cooking sessions, cooking lessons, grocery store tours, kitchen makeovers, meal planning, organic 1-3 day cleanses, or F.a.b 5  aka * Fabulous. amazing and beautiful from the inside out* weekly wellness kit which includes five / 500 ml organic juices made with at least 5 veggies, and five Elixir of life shots, from my door to your desk…for a nutrient packed/ super healthy snack and shot. A popular program is Four months to fabulousity a program to feel great, look great and lose weight for good, this is no quick fix diet but a transformational lifestyle solution. Tame tummy: A program for those suffering from digestive disorders like I.B.S, Crohns disease, and colitis, to help them heal naturally through nutrition, and eventually get off all pills, prescriptions potions and hopefully avoid surgery. 
Can you talk to us about your Latest TV show ?
 My Tv show  is a way to inspire organic healthy living through recipes free from gluten, cows milk and refined sugar and showing that healthy eating does not have to be bland or boring,  as well as lifestyle, beauty/ wellness tips and  interviews with women who are influential in there own way.
Where do you see yourself and your business going ? 
 To continue to create content to inspire organic healthy living, launching an online nutrition course for, publishing a health, beauty and cookbook bible, and developing a skin nutrition range made with some of natures most nourishing ingredients that are premium, organic, vegan and toxic free that will compliment my beauty food feasting philosophy.  “ Ashfab nutrition: for natural beauty from the inside out” 
Can you give us your top 5 health tips to stay healthy and fit ?
Invest in your health today 1) Start your morning with a nutrient packed  breakfast smoothie: made with organic berries, nut milk, leafy greens, healthy fats, and a super food l like maca, baobab, or chia seeds, this is a easy way to get a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in one gulp. If you start your day healthy, chances are you will end it eating healthy.  2) Implement a fitness based lifestyle like the LA peeps; Treat gym sessions like appointments; make time for at least 240 minutes a week of vigour exercise, and get out and take brisk walks for fresh air every day.  By moving your body on a regular basis, you will feel much stronger in your mind, body and soul.  Aim for healthy and strong, not skinny and weak.  3) Eat real whole food nutrition, not to much, and mostly plants: Focus on high quality nutrition with a diet dominated by veggies, fruits, gluten free grains, healthy fats, organic poultry , wild fish, nuts, seeds, and hydrating liquids like mineral water, and herbal teas. The more healthy foods you eat you, you naturally crowd out c.r.a.p ( carbonated food, refined food, artificial foods, and processed foods) however  have an 80/20 balance, to prevent deprivation, starvation, and rigidness. Its all about keeping it balanced healthy and varied, and saving room for your treats like wine, chocolate and cheese.  Life is for living, and by no means should forbid our favourite foods and tipples. 
4) Gulp on a green juice every day! Sipping on a green juice: made with organic veggies helps boost your immune system, give you a glowing, clear complexion, a ton of energy, and combat oxidation which causes ageing and illness.  Make your own in big batches, or research local juice bars or cafes near by or have delivered from door to your desk “Let food be they medicine and medicine be they food “ Hypocrites 5) Stay positive, be kind, express gratitude and have courage:  Healthy is not just defined by how clean you eat, or how lean you are,  a healthy body also means a healthy mind, cleanse negative thoughts to positive ones, stay strong during tough times, and surround yourself by uplifting and positive people. Feed your body with the nourishing meals, mat work outs, and uplifting mantras for vibrant health, glowing skin and optimal wellness.


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...and don't forget to smile :)

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