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Cameron's latest project in Balmoral, Sydney
Australian born Cameron MacDonald is a luxury lifestyle developer who creates the most unique projects all around the world encompassing luxury real estate and turbine speed boats. His devotion and passion for luxury is what enabled him to craft bespoke turn key residences of unsurpassed sophistication. Today I am sitting here with Cameron who will give us a better insight into his latest projects.
Cameron where did your passion for luxury first develop?
As my mother used to say I was always drawn to the most expensive things since I was a young kid !
What was your first big project ?
My first big project was a beautiful 4 bedroom terraced house in Notting Hill which I developed in 2002. Since then the business continued growing in London , Monaco and Sydney where I created unique luxury residences and private commissions.
Where does your inspiration come from ?
Most of my inspiration comes from my extensive travels around the world and being able to identify detail and design aesthetic which I can then pull together and amalgamate them to create one off unique projects. My favourite architects are by far David Chipperfield and Antonio Citterio which are both elegantly simple as simplicity in my opinion is key. Artists that I love include Italian photographer Massimo Listri, Lucio Fontana and Pierre Soulages .
What project are you currently working on ?
I am building a limited production of 10 luxury turbine speed boats which will be the fastest production boats in the world with an estimated top speed of 200 miles per hour. They will be fitted with all the latest technology, audio visual systems and luxury finishes. I am looking to complete this by the end of the year and start the marketing campaign in 2017..
Which was your favourite project so far ?
The house I build in Balmoral, Sydney was by far my most loved  project as I had total freedom in both the architectural and interior design of the property. The whole process from design to completion took me approximately 2 years and this is where I truly managed to express my creative passion for architecture and interior design.
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Balmoral Residence

Balmoral Residence

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