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Today I wanted to introduce you to my talented fashion designer friend Violante Nessi. After working for Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Altuzarra , Violante decided to launch her own fashion brand in 2014 combining her passion for painting and art inspired by her personal vision creating a real blend between art and design . The pieces she creates are unique, cool and well priced and she uses the best materials so the fit is great too . I really believe Violante will become a key player in the fashion world so watch this brand !


- When did you decide you wanted to work in fashion ?

I decided to work in fashion when I started designing clothes at high school during class instead of taking notes. No one in my family has ever worked in this field nor did I grow up in an environment where there was a particular passion for fashion. For me it was a choice dictated by a natural urge.

- Tell us about your previous work experience?

Working for Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler were very different experiences but each extremely interesting from which I learned a lot. Working for such important global  brands gave me the inspiration for how to include my Italian values in a contemporary and professional way.


- What made you decide to do your own brand?

I felt the need to create my brand  the moment I realized that creative work can only be natural if done freely. So I decided to stop developing the creativity of others and started to express myself and my personal aesthetic.

- What are your inspirations?

My main inspiration comes from my personal art, from my passion for contemporary art and not least my vision of the woman of today, more and more careful about quality, being elegant and to give a meaning to their purchases.


- Art plays a big role in your designs can you talk to us more about your paintings?

Every creation of mine starts from my Art studio where I paint on canvas and then I transfer my paintings to the computer where I elaborate graphics and prints.

 My main references as artists are Kazuo Shiraga, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Francis Bacon and Keith Haring.

 I paint with my hands.  Not all of my work is necessarily graphic.


- Where do you see your brand going? What are your plans for the future?

I see my brand with the same passion and care we put now but developed to reach more women in the world who share my same vision and have the same new sense of femininity.
Violante Nessi is officially launching in the UK tomorrow, October 12th 2016 with a trunkshow at the cool boutique hotel Blakes that I have arranged for her together with my good friend Ashley Siedentopf.
Invite to the Blakes Trunkshow


                                    To shop and know more about Violante please visit her website:




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