Must see exhibition at The Royal Academy , London


The much anticipated Abstract Expressionist exhibition at The Royal Academy in London is by far one of the best exhibitions I have attended in a long time ! The show encompasses the different phases of this revolutionary American art movement from start to finish . The term Abstract expressionism was coined in 1946 by critic Robert Coates in relation to a group of artists who lived and worked in the United States during three years following the Second World War. These artists started a revolutionary phenomen that placed equal emphasis on abstract forms and expressive mark making . Paintings by these artists were huge by scale creating an overwhelming and absorbing experience with a focus on the gesture made by the artists hand . This movement marked the entry of the united states into the international modern art scene and its main characteristics can be summarised as follows :
- the artists concerns with contemplation , expression and freedom
- these abstract paintings " confronted you " as Pollock famously quoted in 1950 making the viewer a part of the art
- these artists resisted traditional confines by introducing new techniques ( such as Pollocks' drip technique)
- each artist remained independent creating a diversity which became a celebration of the individual artist's freedom to express themselves
The main artists associated with this movement are Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock , Clifford Still , Willem De Kooning and Barnett Newman.

Barnett Newman Profile of light ,1967

Jackson Pollock Blue Poles, 1952

Franz Kline Vawdavitch, 1955

The exhibition will be open until January 2017 , I highly recommend you to visit it !

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