My top 3 London restaurants


Given my big passion about food and restaurants I make it a priority of always visiting new up and coming restaurants. London being one of the lifestyle meccas has an abundance of new restaurants opening daily creating a huge variety of options. In saying this, new restaurants are not always what they promise to be as I tend to see a huge lack of service and atmosphere these days where one is not really treated as a guest but more like a number ... I have always placed huge emphasis on getting to know the managers, finding out which is the best table and aiming at getting treated like family. This is in my opinion the most important element of dining out as it is priceless to be welcomed and taken care of properly in a restaurant . It is for this exact reason that even if I do still try new restaurants on a regular basis , these are my top 3 restaurants in London that feel like a home away from home and I always end up coming back throughout the years no matter what as I know I wont be disappointed with the food , service or management. It is the people who run the restaurants that make a place special !

C London


Formerly known as Cipriani, this is by far my ultimate go to restaurant and it has been for years. Why ? Because over the years the staff has constantly managed to make me feel part of the Cipriani family always trying to accommodate me and meet my needs with a smile on their face. Throughout the years the managers there - formerly Marco, Mauro and Carlo- and now Valerio have always looked after me like no other place ever has. So much so that I have collaborated with them on numerous events that I have organised in the past . I have had some of the best nights in this restaurant right from the first day I moved to London in 2001 ! The Cipriani group has heavily expanded throughout the years and you can now find them in NYC, Ibiza, Abu Dhabi, LA, Mexico City, Venice (where in 1931 Giuseppe Cipriani opened the doors to the world famous Harry's Bar), Miami, Hong Kong, Montecarlo and Moscow.

The secret of Cipriani isn't about what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed and after four generations the Cipriani family have managed to create a world renowned hospitality brand.

China Tang

Conceived by Sir David Tang this timeless Chinese restaurant is nestled right in the middle of the Dorchester Hotel Park Lane. With sumptuous art deco interiors, quirky objets d'art and Chinese poetry playing in the bathrooms, this iconic restaurant is a must go to destination for everyone wanting to experience a delicious traditional Chinese meal in an eclectic and social setting. I myself love eating at the bar which is always buzzing with people even if they are just stopping bye for a drink. Make sure to ask for the manager Giulio who will for sure look after you !

Another of my old time favourites is Daphne's on Draycott Avenue . With its warm and chic Italian charm, Daphne's serves great classical Italian food and you are never disappointed with the service as they have a team of great Italian waiters, especially the manager Gabriele who has been there from the very beginning. Once again their very personable approach makes you feel at home right away ! I particularly love eating at the bar which is always buzzing with locals so it really is the perfect lunch or dinner spot !

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