Taking a look at Massimo Listri - the Italian master of Interior Photography


Florence born Massimo Listri first discovered his passion for photography at the age of 16 motivated by the books and magazines that his father, a literary critic and journalist, used to receive at the family home. Massimo has become a world renowned master of interior photography having had access to some of the most unique and restricted places such as The Vatican Museum in Rome, Palazzo Pitti in Florence, The Morgan Library in NYC and Versailles just to mention a few.

Influenced by Piero della Francesca and Vermeer, Listri's photographs have an incredible sense of depth due to the extended use of perspective and are able to transmit an almost deafening silence, as if time has stopped  . As Massimo says " My photography is an expression of tranquillity and silence in this chaotic society - a sense of perspective and equilibrium. This is therapy for the soul. Every time I take a photo it is like the first time a treasure is revealed, a first emotion, be it an empty room or the greatest treasures of the Vatican."

Massimo Listri show at Etro , London 2012
Massimo and I have been working together for approximately 4 years. I am his official UK representative and have arranged many exhibitions and collaborations for him . One of these was an event with Italian brand Etro in their Bond Street store where fashion and art met in an incredible setting during Frieze Week 2012. The exhibition was a huge success and his photographs sold out in one night.

Myself with Massimo Listri
Massimo's photographs are all an edition of 5 and come in 3 sizes of which the most popular ones are the Medium (150 x 120 cm) and the Large (190 x 240 cm) sized ones. His pieces are extremely decorative and have the capacity of filling a room and creating a sense of depth and volume even in a small space . Interior designers absolutely love his work as they fit so well in both contemporary and classic settings , plus his price point is very fair considering the artist's extensive career-  the most expensive piece being £20,000.

The artist at work

Other events we worked on together included an artists lunch in his honour at Sothebys, London ; an exhibition at the De Jonckheere gallery in Paris and an exhibition inside The Vatican Museums in Rome.

To conclude I believe Massimo is one of the most talented photographers of our time, not only for his ability to capture unique spaces but also because of the sense of cultural elevation one gets from looking at his work which is timeless and sophisticated.  

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