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The No Animal Brand is a stylish vegan shoe and bag fashion brand created in 2015 by the world renowned model Bianca Gubser Keyman who is also Wild Free Innocent's biggest supporter and first brand ambassador. Her pieces, all made in Spain, are incredibly stylish , trendy and reach a huge target audience ranging from young teenagers to older stylish women ! The prices are super affordable and all the products are PETA certified. The brand has already won awards amongst the vegan fashion community and the products are literally flying off the shelves in Switzerland and Germany. NAB is currently looking to expand in the UK and US markets so be ready to get your hands on a pair of super cool military boots , espadrilles or handbags  as there is a NAB piece for each one of you out there !

Here are some pictures of Bianca modelling products from her latest collections.

Bianca with supermodel Sara Sampaio wearing the limited edition faux fur coats at Burning Man 2016


I sat with her today to discuss more in depth her brand and her inspirations so enjoy the interview !
Can you talk us through your career ?

I started modeling internationally at the age of 14 next to College and at a later stage next to University. Modelling exposed me to a working environment at a very young age- it's a tough job which requires a thick skin and is actually quite draining but as we all know very lucrative.

I always knew that one day I wanted to have my own fashion brand and therefore it made sense to  study Fashion Business,  which I pursued and completed in London at Istituto Marangoni.


When and how did you decide to launch your own brand ?

I launched No Animal Brand with my first Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.


What inspired you to create a vegan fashion label ?

The idea of creating a vegan Brand came from my Business Partners husband. It totally made sense- the Brand has a positive meaning, is cruelty free made in Spain and PETA certified.

We have won 2 awards already. The PETA-Vegan Fashion Award- as new best Designer in 2015 and the renowned Schuhkurier Award in Innovation and Vision in 2015. 


What message does NAB want to get across ?

NAB wants to prove that vegan and cruelty free shoes and bags can be stylish without having a too eco-touch to it. Also we want to stand for a fair product where the Customer doesn't end up spending ridiculous amount of money for a brands advertising!!!


Where do you want to see NAB in 5 years ?

I would like to enter many more Markets such as the US and UK (for the moment we sell in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain) 
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