Today I attended the 14th edition of Frieze London which officially opens to the public tomorrow. Frieze has established itself as one of the world's most important art fairs with hundreds of commercial art galleries selling works of art. I must say it was all pretty overwhelming! As incredible as it is seeing so many pieces of art under one roof it can certainly get confusing and exhausting . I have been attending this fair since the very beginning and as the years go by I see the fair becoming increasingly more global, connected and hectic at the same time. It is for this particular reason that I prefer the more intimate and sophisticated setting of PAD in Berkeley Square. In saying this visiting the fair is still an incredible experience as each visitor has the chance to see galleries and their work from all over the world...essentially its a big one stop shop for buying art...I always refer to it as the big global art supermarket. Below I have added a selection of the works and stands that caught my attention the most enjoy and if you get a chance to visit the fair it will be open until Sunday 9th.
Firstly I visited the original Frieze tent which showcases more contemporary, young and conceptual works. Amongst these I thought the pink project at PPOW NYC gallery was very amusing and eye catching ( a huge pink plastic installation - please see image below).

The Pink Project at PPOW Gallery, NYC

Visitors at the Frieze Fair
My two favourite stands  this year were without a shadow of a doubt the incredible Atelier d'artistes at Hauser and Wirth ( see below) where an artists studio was meticulously reconstructed inviting viewers to question this purpose of reconstruction and highlighting the role of "staging" in how art is viewed, particularly in studio based presentations. The booth,  inspired by Cezanne's studio in Aix En Provence and by Brancusi's studio at the Centre Pompidou, transported each viewer back in time as if one was really standing in an artists studio back in 1900 surrounded by raw materials and hanging works of art.

L'Atelier d'Artistes at Hauser and Wirth
 Secondly I absolutely loved the white out booth that the Marianne Boesky Gallery created showcasing an installation by Belgian visual artist  Hans Op De Beeck  (see below image ) . There is a certain peacefulness that this crisp white installation emanates , managing to create a sense of calm and peace amidst a very buzzing fair.

Myself at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, NYC
Something Special about you by Jeppe Hein 303 Gallery, NYC
Another highlight definitely worth mentioning included a beautiful Red Anish Kapoor sculpture at The Lisson Gallery.
Moving on I visited the other tent in regents park called Frieze Masters which focuses on showcasing art from the ancient era and old masters to the late 20th century. The moment you walk into this fair, the previous fair's chaos disappeared and visitors are transported to a much older and more sophisticated atmosphere surrounded by the most incredible masterpieces of our time.

Visitors at Frieze Masters
As always Helly Nahmad's stand never disappoints: this year the gallery showcased 3 very large green Picasso's ( see image below ) which were absolutely breathtaking.

Picasso at Helly Nahmad gallery
Timothy Taylor gallery displayed a wonderful selection of Hans Hartung colourful acrylics on card, Mnuchin Gallery showed a very rare 1986 De Kooning painting and Bernheimer Gallery showed a fantastic selection of Horst photographs, particularly the set of 8 images capturing Cy Twombly in Rome in 1966 (see images below)
Hans Hartung at Timothy Taylor Gallery

De Kooning at Mnuchin Gallery

Horst P. Horst, Cy Twombly in Rome, 1966 at Bernheimer Fine Art

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