Bodyism: The Coolest Global Wellness and Lifestyle Brand


Bodyism is by far the coolest global wellness brand around and that's why today we are going to sit down with Nathalie Schyllert - director of operations and cofounder of their new clothing range -  to get a glimpse of the amazing Bodyism world !

The company was founded by Australian born PT to the stars James Duigan as a small private training studio about 10 years ago and has now expanded into a globally recognised fitness and health destination. From the very beginning James's clientele included celebrities such as Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Elle Macpherson and Hugh Grant and their incredible dedication and expertise allowed them to expand and venture first into supplements- such as the Body Brilliance, Berry Burn and Serenity -   and then into active wear - with super collaborations such as the recent one they just had with shoe designer Charlotte Olympia.

Their approach is based on the so called " Clean and Lean " lifestyle : 'clean’ of fattening toxins and ‘lean’ as a result of a nourishing diet and regular exercise. Through their personal training sessions, their books and their supplements they are able to get you to reach the perfect state :  a balanced,  healthy and fit body and mind .

Apart from their newly opened London club - located on the trendy Westbourne Grove in Notting hill - Bodyism has clubs in the Maldives, in Capri and at the stunning D-Maris Hotel in Turkey.

I got to know the Bodyism family very well since day one because of my good friend Nathalie - the super hot Swedish model and fitness guru who has literally taken the health and  fitness world by storm !  Here we are now sitting with her to find out all the latest Bodyism news !

What made you get into the fitness industry ? 

I was a ballerina when I was younger and also a model in my early twenties so I have always been in to healthy eating and exercising. 

I used to give my friends advice on exercise and nutrition and eventually I made it in to my career to help people getting healthier and happier. 


How was Bodyism born ? And what was your role ?

Bodyism was founded by James Duigan 10 years ago as small personal training studio. When I started in the company 9 years ago I was a junior personal trainer.

I quickly developed and I moved on to being in charge of membership sales, then I co-founded Bodyism's active wear range and I’m now Director of Operation and an equity partner.

Bodyism is my second family, the company and the team means so much more to me than just a job.


What is the philosophy behind Bodyism ?

Everything we have ever developed at Bodyism have been created to help people change their lives to the better.

The training, supplements, exercise equipment and clothing are all developed to help people feel great about themselves and improving their health and also improving the positive feeling about themselves. 

We are the only luxury wellness brand that covers so many areas. 


Can you talk to us about your supplements, clean and lean books and clothing range ?

The Clean and Lean books have sold over 1 million copies. 

The supplements are unique in the sense that they are not just a normal protein powder like many of the others. Our supplements are helping you to for example sleep better, improving skin and hair quality, to speed up the metabolism or give you an energy kick.

Bodyism’s activewear range are the best ones out there, they are shaping the female curves perfectly. They are lifting the bum and bust, flattening the tummy and making your waist looks smaller.

The clothing is produced in Brazil.


Can you discuss the future ? Are you expanding ?

We have so many exciting things happening the next couple of years!!

Here are some highlights: 

We are opening in Dubai in January

We are opening a gym at The Lanesborough in March

We are launching a new book under the Bodyism name in the summer 

We have two new supplements and a chocolate launching next year.

We have two new collaboration collections coming out 

And we are opening a gym in Miami 2018

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