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Todays interview is with Simon Barnes of HBarnes & Co and his colleague (my husband )Josh Buckley. The main purpose of this article is for us to get a better understanding of what is happening in the high end London property market during such uncertain times and also because we have very exciting news : Wild Free Innocent has started an exclusive collaboration with HBarnes !





Simon has spent the last 30 years in central London prime residential real estate with todays main focus and target being large houses. His knowledge and expertise have established him and his business as a formidable bespoke sales agency.

In my opinion, Simon and Josh are todays new version of an estate agent . Times have changed for people who are looking for property , people are looking for a more personable and discreet approach and are moving away from the cheesy blue suit red tie bad loafer wearing high street agent ( sorry high street agents !)

So Simon lets not start off with the boring stuff and ask you what your favourite colour is...

Talk to me about what the hell is happening with the real estate market at the moment ?!

"With so much uncertainty in the world right now, from Brexit to today's US Election results, it is absolutely normal for people to continually question and panic about the real estate market. But in my opinion every economic crisis eventually settles down and people will never stop moving, buying and selling houses so I genuinely believe that the property market in London will never go down. Yes of course there will always be ups and downs , such as now for example some of our biggest buyers are having their own set of problems at home such as the oil prices affecting the middle eastern market and the economic problems that India and China are both facing. But this doesn't mean the London property market  is not attractive anymore, it is simply going through cycles but it will always correct itself."

How did social media affect your business?

"The social media revolution completely changed the way we do business. In the past when I first started selling properties, 30 odd years ago , business used to be all about word of mouth, much more discreet with little if no advertising and marketing per se. Deals where predominantly done under the table and people would not hear about who bought or sold what . Then social media came into play and properties suddenly were splashed all over the internet with deals becoming more and more public. But it isn't all bad as thanks to the "twitter" and "instagrams" of today, it is much easier to gain access and exposure in an ever changing and competitive market. It was at this time I decided to bring Josh into the business, not only for his very ambitious personality and his great network but also to bring in fresh, young new blood ready to tap into this new and developing market ."


What differentiates you from all the other agents?

"After 30 years of selling properties in London, we have gained exceptional experience and incredible knowledge which money cannot buy! We have established great relationships with the key players and individuals in the industry giving us exclusive access to the best properties available. We also realised early on that we needed to be the first to be contacted when opportunities became available, to have that competitive edge. Additionally there are serious advantage's to having low overheads and a small team, as we are able to devote a high level of personalised service to a small number of clients - which are typically never more than 4-5 at a time. Their requirements have to be different, as we would not want to encounter conflict of interest when buying or selling a property on their behalf. Essentially a long answer to your question; we are better connected, better placed, well informed and better positioned than your typical mainstream agent !"

    Joshua Buckley                                                       Simon Barnes

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