Leonardo Di Caprio's new documentary - Before The Flood


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Leonardo Di Caprio's incredible documentary on climate change has just come out and it is an absolute must see ! "Before the flood" , in collaboration with National Geographic,  is so powerful because it presents climate change as it really is : a global threat that links together people separated by class and geography. The documentary shows Di Caprio visiting various regions of the globe , such as India, China and Greenland, exploring the impact of man made global warming.  After having been appointed UN messenger of peace, Di Caprio wanted to create a suitable guide made for mass consumption in an effort to inform and spur the public into action . And this is exactly what "Before the Flood" is : an honest, insightful and educational documentary trying to generate awareness amongst all of us to save our planet . Climate change is real and as Di Caprio himself said in his Oscar winning speech , " Let us not take this world for granted, I am certainly not taking tonight for granted".

                                 Watch the full 95 minute documentary on you tube :


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