Maresca Interiors : Italian/Brazilian Sister Duo is taking London by storm


A new type of aesthetic interior design just landed in London with half Italian , half Brazilian sisters Cecilia and Elena Maresca . Specialising in Brazilian modern design , Maresca Interiors is a studio established in 2016 designing, directing and implementing interiors for residential houses. Transforming a home and collections of objects into a cohesive story is what drives the studio. The mix of Italian and Brazilian heritage of the sisters fuels a passion for mid-century furniture that they source from both countries for their clients and projects.  

Maresca Interiors advises from concept through to completion, on all aspects of the design process. Often working with architects the studio consults on layouts, finishes, lighting and ironmongery. Sourcing new and vintage furniture as well as designing and commissioning bespoke pieces.

Collaborating with a group of trusted craftsmen the studio personally oversees the whole process. Maresca Interiors creates a style by combining old with new so that the finished project can never be dated. 
Cecilia and Elena are not only super cool and talented but what I like about them the most is their fresh approach to interior design by thinking outside the box and throwing into the mix twentieth-century Brazilian furniture design which is perhaps the last great largely unknown tradition of modernism, characterized by rich and sensually textured hardwoods and an ingenuity, grace, and simplicity that exemplify the national character of ‘brasilidade’.

Jorge Zaslzupin, 1959

                                                               Jorge Zaslzupin, 1960

Today we sat down with Cecilia to hear more about Maresca Interiors and their projects ! Enjoy the interview !

With your impressive fashion background, How did you get into interior design?

Getting into the world of interior design happened to me as a natural step on my career path. Like most Italians I have ingrained in my culture and upbringing a very defined sense of aesthetic. It was after living in Sao Paulo for three and half years, that I developed a genuine passion for the local architecture and design triggered by the city’s distinctive concrete modernism. It so happened that during these years I started to collect Brazilian mid-century furniture and gradually moved into dealing with antiques.


What made you start Maresca Interiors ?

My sister Elena and I have always worked in a creative field, myself as PR for some of the top fashion brands and e-commerces such as Vivienne Westwood and and Elena as interior designer for London's most coveted firms Waldo Works and Russell Sage Studio. 

Maresca Interiors was born from the idea of merging Elena’s interior design skills together with my knowledge of Brazilian mid-century design to bring a new type of aesthetic on the London scene.


Can you talk to us about your Brazilian antique furniture ?

Twentieth-century Brazilian furniture design is perhaps the last great largely unknown tradition of modernism, characterized by rich and sensually textured hardwoods and an ingenuity, grace, and simplicity that exemplify the national character of ‘brasilidade’. As half Brazilians (from our mother side)  and passionate of modernist design, alongside our interior design studio, we specialize in sourcing iconic pieces of Brazilian designers of the 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s. Featuring the work of the titans of Brazilian design - Lina Bo Bardi, Oscar Niemeyer, Joaquim Tenreiro, and Sergio Rodrigues - as well as numerous designers whose work and reputations only recently reached foreign shores, our goal is to open this untapped vein of modernist design and bring it to collectors in Europe.


What's the inspiration / philosophy behind your interior design company?

Being half Italian/half Brazilians, when it comes to interiors, we take inspiration from both worlds. We are influenced by the work of Italian masters Carlo Scarpa, GiĆ² Ponti and Portaluppi as much as by the work of Brazilian titans such as Oscar Niemeyer, Jorge Zalszupin and Lina Bo Bardi. We have a fondness for the lighting of Achille Castiglioni and Angelo Lelli, as well as the 1950s and ’60s designs that are re-issued by the Italian company Azucena and the Brazilian store Etel. Our aim is to create spaces that are warm, cozy and reassuring. We are into creating rooms with a timeless and elegant touch that don’t feel conventional.

Where do you see Maresca interiors in a few years?
Our goal is to become a point of reference in Europe for Brazilian modern design dealing as well as creating  a very solid trademark style.  

Cecilia and Elena Maresca

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