Meet Anna Banas :The Fairy Godmother of healthy and beautiful skin


Today we are discussing skincare and the importance of looking after your skin. I have just come across what I can say is the best facialist in London. I met Anna through my good friend and Wild Free Innocent Ambassador Ashley Siedentopf, at her clinic in Kensington , Dermavita, and I am now seeing her once a week to try all her amazing facials. After an initial consultation , Anna tailor makes a specific programme for your skins needs. We started with the new BTL Exilis Elite treatment which provides the most advanced non-surgical solution to stimulate collagen and skins elasticity by using radio frequency. It basically acts as a natural filler for your face and can also be used on the body for cellulite and fat reduction. After the first session I already saw and felt a huge difference in my skin : tighter, plumper and more even ! Read more about this incredible new machine on . The second time I went to see Anna, we did a refreshing facial peel followed by a calming mask perfect   for dehydrated skin. This peel gave me an instant glow and my skin felt hydrated again ... a must try ! We then moved onto using the world renowed CACI machine -  doing an orbital microdermabrasion to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin, combined with LED light to therapy for tissue repair and healing. This treatment immediately gave me more youthful and soft looking skin. Another reason why I love seeing Anna is her incredible knowledge and expertise of the skin ...She is at the forefront of the latest treatments and beauty products available , always attending conferences and doing extensive research . The products she uses are incredible and only available for professionals such as the amazing Epionce American brand which one the aesthetic awards for best anti ageing skincare line .  In other words if you have tired, dull and dehydrated skin in need of a boost go see Anna immediately you wont be disappointed ! You can reach Anna on +447930397056 or at her clinic And now enjoy the interview we did together to get some useful skin care tips !

Anna, How did you start working in the beauty industry ?

After studying cosmetology and beauty at University and at a private school I started my career as a beauty therapist. I worked a lot , learned a lot , completed many courses and quickly was promoted to laser specialist then Medical aesthetician/ doctor's assistant and now proudly run my own little clinic in Kensington.

 Can you tell us a bit about yourself ?

I am very ambitious, cheerful, bubbly and always positive. I love people and love making them happy. I love my job. I am interested in fashion. I like being always on the move and living life to the fullest. 

 In your opinion what are the best facial treatments available out there ?

Nowadays there are so many beauty treatments. It's very hard to choose one, however I can tell you what I personally think are the best available treatments out there today. I really like a hand facial with nice anti ageing massage and algae mask at the end. and I love the  refreshing peel using skincare brand Epionce and  the RF natural filler effect with BTL exilis elite. 

 What skincare brand do you recommend ?

For all skin types, I can honestly recommend brands like Epionce, Environ and Alumier.

What are the essential daily steps to achieve a good and healthy skin ?

If you want to have a gorgeous, healthy and glowing  skin you should have at home 4 essential products: cleanser, serum, cream, spf, and supplements for day and night - such as the revolutionary Lumity supplements which fight all 9 causes of anti ageing from within giving you glowing skin and more energy

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