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Today we met with Tali Zeloof of Quintessentially Art - the international art consultancy part of the renowned Quintessentially group.
Quintessentially Art was set up in 2007 as an art advisory service offering bespoke advisory services to the seasoned collector. Apart from helping clients buying and selling works, the group has a fantastic art patron scheme which we will discuss in depth today with Tali. This is in my opinion the best art members club out there today as it  provides each member with an exciting programme of special events with artists and galleries, including access to the home of important collectors, visits to all the major art fairs and artists studios. I have attended several of Tali's events and I was really impressed by her thorough knowledge of contemporary art and by the unique and exclusive venues we visited. This is a great programme for anyone wishing to expand their art knowledge in a fun and easy going way , and for anyone wishing to also expand their network as the members of this patron scheme are all like minded interesting individuals .
The cost of this membership is £1200 a year and part of this amount is donated to the Prince's Trust charity " Children & the Arts" which helps support disadvantaged children explore the arts.
To give you a better idea of her program, here are some examples of the kind of  events Tali has organised in the past :
- A Mayfair Gallery Tour
-  A Talk with major art collector Valeria Napoleone at her private home 
-  Champagne previews of  annual sales at Christies and Sothebys
- Private tours of the highlights of Frieze and Frieze Masters
- A Shoreditch Street Art Tour
- An Artist Studio Visit with Marc Quinn
Tali Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background ?
I'm originally from Sydney and after completing a BA in Art Theory and an MA in Contemporary Art at Sothebys, I joined the Quintessentially Art Patron Program in January 2016. My expertise has always been in art education and cultural programming so I started putting together a dynamic and educational schedule for the programme, a collection of exclusive / money cant buy  experiences for our sophisticated , global clientele who love art , fashion and design.
Can you tell us about the services that QA offers ?
There are 2 main aspects of Quintessentially Art. The first is the Advisory Section which basically helps people build their collections and help them with anything from shipping to framing. It essentially is a one stop shop for anything art related. The other side of the business is the patron programme which with a 12 month annual subscription offers a bespoke and unique VIP access to international art world fairs, studio visits, collectors homes and galleries.
Who are your main competitors and how does the QA programme differ from the others ?
I would say that our main competitors are organisations such as The Cultivist or the Patron Programs of for example The Tate and The National Portrait Gallery. In saying this though these programs are limited to that one institution whereas we offer a much broader  access throughout the entire art market. Our programme is "Essentially Quintessentially" it represents a cultural addition, a backstage pass to the art world and it is education oriented .It is fantastic also for networking as the programme gives you access to good people, artists and events. We differ from many other programs as we are very small in number, we never surpass 20 people per event in order to keep it intimate and exclusive but never intimidating or elitist like many other art institutions may come across. We consider ourselves approachable, lively and warm !
Where do you want to see QA in the future ?
For the future I would like to create more international itineraries such as visits to the Venice Biennale or Fiac in Paris . I would like the programme to also become even more dynamic by introducing different membership tiers by speaking to universities and auction houses and offering them a "corporate" group membership. So yes expansion is key for the near future but I would still like the program to remain small and exclusive .We have approximately 50 members right now originating from all over the world creating a wonderful multicultural mix of likeminded individuals.
For more information contact Tali who is the Patron Programme Manager and Contemporary Art Specialist at :

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