Yeotown: The Radiant Health and Detox Retreat


Just little over a year ago I was lucky enough to visit one of the most magical and incredible places I have ever been to. Tucked away in rural North Devon, Yeotown is a healthy yoga and hiking retreat that uses a unique mind + body formula offering a 5 day healthy detox and lifestyle programme. 
Co-founders Mercedes and her husband Simon Sieff have nurtured and fine-tuned their shared vision of an authentic and original healthy lifestyle retreat with its empowering and inspiring emphasis on true health and optimum wellbeing. It was a true life enhancing experience made up of  healthy cooking, hiking, fitness and nutrition, yoga, massage and meditation .The 5 day retreat runs from Wednesday to Sunday and I cannot explain how healthy, fit and glowing you will look when you leave ! Not only from a physical perspective but also it helped me clear my mind and my soul. Their programme helped me expand my awareness, fine tune my balance and increase my levels of health, vitality and spiritual curiosity. Everyone working at the retreat was so loving and special , I will never forget any of them : starting from the wonderful Simon and Mercedes, to Rachel the incredible masseuse to Julie who is by far the best healthy chef I have ever encountered ! The cost of the 5 day programme starts at £1870 which compared to other wellness retreats is very fair and correct considering the accommodation is so unique : cosy, rustic and yet incredibly luxurious ! I am not surprised they won the 2012 Conde Nast Spa of the year award and the  2016 "Life changing " Spa Award at the Tatler Spa Awards. From the bottom  of my heart I honestly cannot recommend anything better than this incredible and unforgettable health retreat.  Today we sat down with co-founder Mercedes to learn more about the program and their philosophy . Enjoy the interview fellow Wild Free Innocent readers !

                                                                   Mercedes Sieff

Hi Mercedes, Can you talk to us about your career ? How did you first get into yoga ?

I originally trained to be a yoga instructor when I was living in California. I got into yoga my first year of university and loved the way it developed both strength and flexibility. Ironically, even though I trained to teach in California, it wasn’t until I lived in London when I began teaching yoga as a full-time vocation and created a business out it.

When did you and your husband decide to create Yeotown ?

I was teaching yoga in London quite avidly but on the weekends we were going to our much loved country home in Devon. We always loved it when we stayed and when we would bring family and friends down to stay with us they would always fall in love with Yeotown too. My husband is really into surfing and hiking and always wanted to spend more time on the coast. We kind of both thought Yeotown would make such a great retreat space and found there were few alternatives for a healthy get-away in the UK. It was then we started playing with the ides of restoring some of the unused buildings around the property and creating a residential healthy lifestyle retreat.

What are the guiding principles behind Yeotown?

Our main aim is to provide a sustainable approach to health and wellbeing.  We want to make sure we are promoting the importance of physical and mental health in equal measure in order to achieve optimum health and wellbeing on all levels.

Can you discuss the Yeotox program?

Our signature weekly 5 day programme is called “The Yeotox” and is a modern day approach to cleansing and rebooting the system in both body and mind. A far cry from a bootcamp, weightloss, fasting retreat or chilled spa weekend, the Yeotox focuses on offering a sustainable approach to better health and wellbeing being sure to focus on both physical and mental health in equal measure. Think vigorous, life affirming, stunning coastal hikes, energising morning Vinyasa Flow yoga sessions, evening restorative stretches, mindfulness meditation sessions and other fun, inspiring activities such as coasteering, archery, cycling, cooking lessons and fitness training. Top off each day in the wood fired, outdoor hot tub overlooking the fields followed by a delicious deep tissue, shiatsu or thai massage and you have an effective, inspiring recipe for optimal health and wellbeing.  

Can you talk to us about your recent expansion?

In 2016 we were excited to have expanded our accommodation with 5 new eco suites, including one large two roomed eco-cottage, to meet growing demand.
The beautiful coast line of Devon

With my friend Kathrine on one of the Yeo Hikes

The new Love and Be Loved Cottage

Empathy : one of the new Eco Suites designed by Simon

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