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Little Emperors & Co. is a private members club, tailored for people with a propensity for luxury and travel, granting access to significant discounted rates and extras at leading hotels across the globe and discounts spas and retailers. They also have weekly access to last minute table reservations at top London restaurants, as well as exclusive event invitations and luxury lifestyle partnerships. Whilst their concierge saves you time, their valued partner relationships save you money.

Little Emperors negotiates hotel rates using volumes, and offers either a direct discount from the hotel's online rate, or a fixed corporate rate valid throughout the year. Little Emperors has strategically selected hotels to include business, luxury and boutique properties around the globe. Their rates are non-commissionable, securing the lowest available rates for their members.


                                                      Different Membership Tiers:

BLACK                                    GOLD                         TRAVEL

 £1000 a year                            £250 a year                        £200 a year

Today we sat down with Little Emperors founder Rebecca Masri to get a better insight into this fantastic travel members club .

What made you start LE ?

Working in the city, I had direct exposure to corporate travel and saw first hand how larger investment banks cancelled their contracts with luxury hotels because of their reluctance to associate with luxury after the 2008 crash. This left an opportunity, as a gap in the market emerged with luxury hotels losing corporate clients, and at the same time, an emergence of SMEs, people who had been made redundant from their city jobs, and went off to start their own funds. These smaller companies do not generate their own booking volumes to warrant corporate travel accounts. All these factors led to the birth of Little Emperors, a corporate travel platform, combining the volumes of SMEs to negotiate corporate rates in hotels, and extend these rates directly to SMEs without marking up prices with commissions and fees.



 What is the USP of your company ? And in what way are you better than your competitors ?

People are more savvy nowadays. There is an average of 9 websites searches before somebody books a hotel. Rates are more transparent, and the travel industry is heavily bound by rate parity. Little Emperors offers a very simple business platform, allowing individual travellers to book using corporate rates and over 3000 hotels worldwide. We do not mark up the rates, members pay hotels directly, they can use their own loyalty card schemes, and cancellation policies are in line with that of the hotel. The only difference is in fact benefitting from a corporate rate, sometimes up to 50% lower than an online rate, as a result of the collective buying power of the 30,000+ members.

What services do you provide ? Can you talk to us about the different membership options ?

We have 3 membership tiers. Travel, at £200/year, grants access to preferred corporate rates at over 3000 hotels globally. Gold at £250/year includes a London based last minute table reservation system, and Black at £1000/year extends invitations to VIP events, priority with the weekly table bookings, as well as access to more tailored hotel requests.

 Where do you see LE going forward?

 We have recently launched and app, MYLE, so members can now complete a hotel booking with 5 clicks. We are in the process of converting our members to app users, and once this is done, we will look at expanding globally and for partners in key international cities. We have just opened an office in Hong Kong, and  have plans for New York and Buenos Aires.

   What was the most challenging aspect of setting up / growing LE ?

A few years in, my business partner Elizabeth got married and had two babies, and was not able to commit the time to the business. She stepped  down, and I was left to run it alone. This was extremely daunting, and certainly the biggest challenge I have faced as we complimented each other so well, what she did I couldn’t and vice versa! Whilst searching for a new partner, my wonderful sister Charlotte, who had already  been working in the firm, stepped up to the challenge.  I couldn’t be happier having her by my side. She fits perfectly, plus I get to travel with her and enjoy our work lives together.


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