Best Timeless Blazers and Statement Jackets


Hello fellow Wild Free Innocent followers ! Talking about fashion today I was wondering what  your wardrobe essentials are ? In my opinion a good classic blazer and a statement wow factor jacket are all a woman needs to compete their outfit . So lets take a look at what I believe are the most stylish and timeless blazers and statement jackets....


The king of blazers , Balmain is my definite go to brand when I'm looking for a good cut blazer...In all honesty I'm a bit tired of their dresses but when it comes to jackets and blazers they are the absolute best ! Wardrobe staple number one ! You can literally wear them with everything and they never really go out of fashion so yes I believe spending £1200 on one of them is a good investment




Selling everywhere from Matches to Farfetch, buyer turned designer Racil Chalhoub combines Savile Row materials and Parisian tailoring with a Lebanese sensibility to create her unique collection of tailored blazers. Priced at around £600 I believe this is a great addition to hang in your wardrobe.



Probably the most stylish new brand I have seen in a long time, Blaze' is the brainchild of 3 stylish Italian women who met through Elle Italia : Corrada, Delfina and Sole. Dignity and elegance are the foundations of their aesthetics  and it is rare to come across such an incredibly well tailored and classy blazer. Priced at around £1200 they are definitely at the top of my wish list at the moment !



Ohhh statement jackets are my absolute favourite !! I literally could buy one every day ! Many brands are now doing over the top, out there jackets but in my opinion the best and most timeless ones are by Chanel, Ralph Lauren Collection and Gucci (only just recently). I have to also add that Vintage jackets are to die for , especially Christian Lacroix and Versace ones ... William Vintage is the best place to look for a great vintage find  (







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