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Now that dry January is over (finally!) are you wondering how to stay fit and healthy ? Well today we sat down with fitness and health expert Francesca Giacomini to discuss just this : how do we stay slim and healthy now that we are re-introducing alcohol in our lives ? and how do we get to that healthy 80/20 lifestyle balance ? Here Francesca gives us an insight into her famous "The Method" providing us with useful tips, do's and don'ts !


Exercise :

- exercise wisely without running the risk of bulking up. So focus on conditioning exercises (such as Pilates ) using small weights, doing high repetitions over and over again

- Don't count calories as that simply doesn't work and stick to conditioning rather than running on the treadmill

-  you have to keep your cortisol (stress hormone) levels at bay as when it goes up your body starts storing fat and producing toxins

- Do elongating exercises

- The body likes to have a routine so keep sculpting away until you achieve an amazing like Michelangelo bust ! Sculpt, sculpt and sculpt !

- do 30-45 m of good, strong, precise and focused workout preferably in the morning before breakfast

- Francesca has a studio in Chelsea where you can have one on one private sessions (or she also does home visits for the same price as her studio) and she teaches incredible Body Barre Conditioning Classes at Kx Gym

Nutrition :

- If you want to lose weight , nutrition  is everything ! I would say that what you eat at least counts for 80% and exercising just about 20%

- There are so many different trends and diets around but I like to keep mine simple without over complicating things

- Eat smaller portions and always mix your food for example have a piece of chicken with some brown rice ( and no vegetables ) or have it with vegetables ( and no rice)

- eat at the same time 3 times a day ,the body loves routine (just like babies do !)

- no snacking in between

- follow a 80/20 lifestyle where 80% of that you are good but allow yourself to enjoy yummy food  20% of the time !

- Alcohol is obviously a big no no but as we have to be realistic if you have to have a glass of wine have red instead of white ( more antioxidant and less acidic) and limit yourself to 1 glass only so be disciplined about it and know your limits

- Worst alcohol is champagne and the best (less fattening) is a vodka, Perrier with lime or mint

- Don't eat raw it bloats you and you cant digest it properly !

- Don't Juice it is far too acidic and the sugar content is too high ! If you want to cleanse and have a liquid day then you can but always add protein to your liquid cleanse ( for example add protein powder in your juices and soups )

- I'm not against dairy but you should listen to your body : if you have difficulty digesting it then switch to substitutes. I'm not a big fan of almond milk so I would rather mix coconut and rice milk together its less acidic

- limit your red meat intake to 1 a week

- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ! After training have a complete breakfast like porridge(water based) with protein powder and fruit puree
 or 2 eggs with some fruit etc

- buy baby food as it literally has zero sugar !!

- I am not a big fan of supplements

-  I have done the healthy menu for Neville Salon in Knightsbridge ( @nevillesalon)

Other :

- I love vitamin drips especially Dr Jacks on Harley Street (@drdavidjack) to do once a month and they are great also for jet lag !

- I am launching a new sport clothing line this spring with Liamaar active wear ( @liamaar_activewear) which will be very feminine , sexy and will have UV protection in the fabric !

- Remember with anything you do its always "Quality rather than quantity " and I'm not only talking about food ! This applies for fashion, exercise, friends ...and men !



                                          You can Contact Francesca directly via email or visit her website for more info

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