The Big January Detox



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Oh yes my fellow Wild Free Innocent followers... January is here and the time has come to detox and get clean and lean after so much indulging during the holiday season ! Therefore this month we will be focusing a lot on health and fitness on WFI. So if you are looking to get rid of unwanted fat and toxins and want to restore a healthy glow and balance follow my simple but very effective detox guide . All these tips have been personally tried and tested a million times by myself and they are the conclusion of lengthy months of hard research . These tips are a summary of what I have learnt at some of the most well known detox and weight loss institutions such as Villa Paradiso, Yeotown, Quiberon, Chenot, KX, Bodyism etc  with my own personal spin to it. So enjoy and as always should you have any questions please feel free to contact me . Good luck and you will see it will be worth it in the end ! It is just hard at the beginning but once you start seeing results you will be overwhelmed by a sense of euphoria and you will get that inner glow back !

  • Dry body brushing every morning is essential to get your circulation started - make sure you do it in upward movements
  • Hot water, lemon and ginger first thing when you wake up in the morning to cleanse your entire system
  • Have a shot of Pure Aloe Vera Juice after your hot water which acts as a great colon cleanser
  • No Alchool ( try to keep January dry well until mid February so you have done a month and after that you can start drinking again but more wisely choosing your nights carefully and not binge drinking )
  • Buy only organic products
  • Stay Gluten free if possible
  • Smaller portions (protein should be the size of the palm of your hand)
  • avoid carbs and starchy foods (no bread, pasta, rice etc )
  • stick to protein and vegetables ( don't go crazy with recipes keep it simple like lemon chicken and broccoli)
  • For healthy recipes read James Duigan's Bodyism "Clean and Lean " books
  • The best Detox booklet is " The Detox Factor" by Angie Newson
  • Check out for great detox tips by the amazing Ashley Siedentopf
  • drink lots of green tea throughout the day as it speeds up your metabolism
  • Drink lots of green juices (only vegetables no fruit as too much sugar otherwise ) adding some alkalising green powder for the extra boost
  • Avoid dairy completely - use substitutes like Almond milk or cashew nut milk is also a great option
  • Exercise 5 days a week mixing up yoga, cardio, conditioning , pilates and interval training (try Tabata for a few rounds too )
  • Have an Epsom salt bath 3 x a week
  • Power walk as much as possible
  • Indulge in  massages  as it is all about DRAINING !!
  • Supplements to take (never on an empty stomach please):
         Red Krill (best fish oil around)
         Milk Thistle (great to flush your liver)
         Lumity - a fantastic anti ageing supplement that makes you feel amazing (

  • Additional recommended treatments :
         Acupuncture 3 x a week ( I lost 3kg in one week !)
         Infrared Saunas
         Slimming wraps

  • Recommended Detox/ "Fat Farms" :
         Villa Paradiso on Lake Garda, Italy
         Yeotown in Devon, UK
         Chenot in Merano, Italy
         Quiberon in in Brittany, France

Once your detox is over try to live a healthy balanced lifestyle following the 80/20 approach ..80 % of the time healthy and 20% of the time is there for you to indulge !


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