The New Younger, Cooler and More Arty Scene in St Moritz



If you are heading to St Moritz this year for the February Ski Season and are expecting only champagne, caviar , fur and diamonds you are mistaken. Because of the high swiss franc , the change in climate ( much less snow) and the general economic and political turmoil, the St Moritz scene has drastically changed and if you ask me it changed for the better !

With most of the Russian oligarchs gone, the appetite for uber glamorous luxurious things has somewhat calmed downed in favour of a more sporty, rustic and art focused scene.

Because of this shift in luxury demand , the scene is now dominated by a new younger generation (the so called generation Y) involved in the art world, focused on sports and going out ... so we now have a much cooler younger crowd here in St Moritz which is a breath of fresh air , as in the last few years new money kind of took over the entire town and it was all about champagne, furs and diamonds... The vulgar are somewhat being replaced by the cultural , sporty , young and fun.

A perfect example of this shift is the famous Mathis restaurant who has been a culinary institution  for over 17 years in St Moritz specialising in luxury , high end foods such as truffles and caviar, which is now closing down . The owner , Reto Mathis, openly admitted that the demand for such luxury food has slowed down a lot in favour of more local and rustic dishes .

So what do we have to expect from this new St Moritz ?

Expect a younger crowd, keen to ski all day , that goes to great art vernissages and party at night. Don't get me wrong , St Moritz is such an institution that it will always be glamourous and jet setting , so most of the go to places still remain the same ( Chesa Veglia Pizzeria is still the top go to restaurant, Dracula is still the top nightclub etc etc )

Focusing on the art scene , you must know that nowhere in the Alps has such a great concentration of galleries like in St Moritz. Some of the more well know galleries with a social spin to them, are without a doubt the Gmurzynska Gallery - now run by the super cool 29 year old Isabelle Bscher - and the newcomer Vito Schnabel gallery - run by Vito (Julian Schnabels son and Heidi Klum's other half).  Other major art institutions here include the Robilant Voena Gallery and numerous incredible public installations such as the amazing "The Sky over 9 Colomuns" of Heinz Mack towering over the lake of St Moritz.

The Gmurzynska Gallery

Isabelle Bscher of The Gmurzynska Gallery


Heinz Mack's "The Sky Over 9 Columns"

Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel at the opening of his art gallery last year

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