The No Hangover Wine


Ladies and gentleman let me introduce you to your new lifesaver : biodynamic wine.
Biodynamic refers to a particular type of farming that doesn't use chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
Biodynamic agriculture is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner who aimed at the ecological self-sufficiency of farms as cohesive, interconnected living systems.
Biodynamic wine essentially means that no chemicals or fertilizers are allowed , which in turn makes the wine sulphite free and that is the good news as it is the sulphites which give us those horrid hangovers !
There are only about 620 biodynamic wine producers in the world as it is very difficult to achieve the biodynamic status. Prices of these are also a bit higher than your typical bottle due to the complex production process but totally worth it. First of all you really feel you are drinking a cleaner more refined wine, secondly you can smell and taste the fruity hints much more and last but not the least you will not have a sore head the next day. This has been tried and tested by yours truly on several different occasions and never once did I feel bad the next day after drinking biodynamic wine !
It is slowly but surely finally becoming more popular so you can find some at your local supermarket ( Waitrose has about 20 different types) and ask for some biodynamic wine at restaurants.
Make sure it is not only organic - it has to fully be biodynamic !

The Biodynamic Wine process : a holistic view of agriculture.
(Fruit Days - ideal for harvesting
Root Days - ideal for pruning
Flower Days - ideal for resting
Leaf days- ideal for watering plants)
A selection of Biodynamic Wines
If you want a real taste of excellent biodynamic wine , head to 40 Maltby Street in London which has an incredible selection of chemical and pesticide free biodynamic wines and a delicious kitchen serving rustic organic food


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