White Turf , St Moritz 2017


Every year since 1907 the international horse racing community gathers around the frozen St Moritz Lake for 3 weekends in a row in February. Wild Free Innocent visited the races last Sunday and we had such an amazing day that we wanted to fill you in and tell you what an amazing experience this was !
With 35,000 spectators the White Turf set up is really incredible with huge tents set up on the lake around the racing track offering everything from food, alcohol and entertainment . One can either purchase a normal ticket for just CHF 20 and is free to browse around and bet on the horses, or you can be invited into one of the VIP tents.
 BMW (one of the 3 main sponsors alongside Longines and Credit Suisse)  kindly invited us into their amazing VIP tent overlooking the tracks and hosted us for the day.  The set up of their tent was outstanding, offering incredible foods paired with some  of the best wines. Additionally they had an oyster bar, a caviar stand and a beautiful cheese display. The atmosphere was intimate, exclusive and we were able to see the races in pole position. Next to their VIP tent BMW also had a separate tent showcasing their latest models including the new M3 and M6 in a new super cool frosted tint .
I really encourage you to experience the White Turf as it makes the perfect day out to enjoy with family and friends.
Last but not least I wanted to thank PPM for arranging this day for us . PPM is an incredible property management and concierge service operating in the St Moritz valley. They definitely are the go to people when you are in St Moritz and their team is fantastic ! Visit and ask to speak to Oli, Florian or  Severin and they will look after you !
If you are in the area you have one last day to enjoy the White Turf this year and that is this coming Sunday 26th February so hurry and get your tickets today ! 

The BMW VIP tent


The BMW VIP tent

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