Meet Musclemary : the clean helathy and fun new superfood protein powder


My good friend and superb trainer Francesca Giacomini has just launched her incredible new range of protein powder called Muscle Mary .

After trying it for the first time today, I was super impressed ! So let me give you a little insight in this fantastic new product !

Founded by Francesca and Dr David Jack, Muscle Mary is a collection of plant based superfood proteins that have multiple benefits all contained in one single supplement.
Their plant based lean sports supplement drink called Not Just Protein is designed to support a healthy, lean body providing the essential building blocks for both before and after exercise in an easily reconstituted powder form .

Muscle Mary is gloriously gluten free, GMO free, dairy free and hormone free. It is lean and clean with no aspartame, no added sugar and absolutely no artificial colours or flavouring- its even vegan, halal and kosher !
Their protein comes from pea and white hemp which is a must nowadays as whey protein is really a thig of the past- so beware when buying protein powder always make sure its vegan !

The 4 different flavours it comes in - Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry and Matcha- include an optimum plant protein blend , a carefully curated premium superfood mix, a lean formula of glucomannin, matcha and CLA to optimise body composition and a mix of antioxidants including vitamin C and vitamin B Complex.

Francesca and her team are also soon  launching recipe cards, travelling sachets , protein bars and a clothing line so watch this space !

To order or to get additional information please visit

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