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I am very proud to announce that Wild Free Innocent is now on the committee of Project Zero : an exciting new kind of movement for ocean conservation.
I was first introduced to Project Zero by my good friend and one of its founders, Tyrone Wood .I first met Tyrone when we joined forces working together in the art world in London back in 2008 and since then we have always kept each other updated with the projects we were currently working on. From the moment I heard about Project Zero , I was immediately drawn to this fantastic new concept which supports a great cause so let me tell you more about it as I would love for you all to get on board with us !
Project Zero is a new generation focused on fixing the world's largest and most solvable problem : the ocean . It is a global movement supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, celebrities , campaigners, ocean experts and individuals who are all working together to protect and restore the ocean .
Project Zero aims to put 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030 ( whereas now only less than  3% is protected ) , rebuild coral reefs and mangrove forests, clean up the ocean, restore fisheries, and fund innovative projects that protect and restore the ocean.
This dynamic new type of charity is made up of a fantastic board of directors including Tyrone Wood,  James Jagger, Alexandra Richards and Andres Santo Domingo. These directors also managed to assemble an impressive list of ambassadors such as Poppy and Cara Delevingne, Lily Donaldson, Rita Ora, Theodora Richards, Vito Schnabel and many more key influential people across the globe.
Their first project was the so called New York City Wave Walk where 54 wave sculptures created by influential artists and celebrities were spread across NYC in May 2017 and then sold at auction at Sothebys and via Paddle8. The net proceeds from the auction were granted to create a chain of marine protected areas in the Azores, restore mangroves in the east Caribbean and helped fund a sustainability study in the east China Sea. Sponsored by Estee Lauder's La Mer brand this Wave Walked raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and received 3 billion  press and social media impressions.
The next project in line is set to create an art trail in Milan during Fashion week in September 2018 exhibiting Carrara marble fish sculptures done by famous artists and celebrities which will highlight the urgent need for conservation in the Mediterranean. These artworks will also then be sold at auction at Sotheby's and Paddle8.
So ladies and gentleman please stay tuned and become a part of this incredible new movement !
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